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Surface metrology:


During the end of the 20th century, the study of surfaces has improved. Many areas of industrial activity are directly affected by surface metrology. The phenomena of friction, wear & tear (…) occur at the solid surface and the surface metrology play at this moment a main role in the control of mechanics components, as well as optical and electronical components.

530 portfolio

Altisurf 530

Altisurf © range of Surface Metrology instruments combines metrology with an optical microscopy approach in a 3D mapping, with the taking of successive profiles done by scanning a point of chromatic confocal measurement or low downforce stylus.

Rugosité, métrologie de surfaces, planéité, dimensionnel en z, tribologie...

Roughness Profile







Coming from the well-known concept of roughness in Mechanics, the deep study of "Valleys and Peaks" of the surface allows scientists and engineers to develop quality diagnostics, to functionality, aesthetics of their product or their material with a new metrological approach.

This includes new surface roughness parameters currently set up via the work of standards committees the new 3D measurement norm ISO 25 178 within the ISO International.

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