You have an old measurement station and you don't longer use it because its obsolete?

Altimet can offer you a solution.

Thanks to the versatility of its PheNIX V2 Technology, Atimet offers an upgrade from your old metrology station while maintaining the maximum elements.

By carrying this update, not only you improve the performance of your instrument through the integration of DC motors and integration of a latest generation of sensor, but you also get a regularly updated software and a maintenance service.

Central phoenix


Altimet can already draw on the experience gained from many Refits performed on instruments manufacturers below:

  • DigitalSurf Volcanyon (TalySurf, NJ HP-series, AltiSurf)
  • UBM
  • Mahr Perthometer
  • STYLE Micromesure 1 & 2

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