1993Creation in Evian

1994Scanfast : First contactless metrologic machine designed and built for a large Swiss watch group, who opened both the optical metrological activity and watch market

1997 – Launch of the first prototype Altisurf © machine developped for the BankNote printing in the project €uro

1999 – First standard platform AltiSurf©500 V1

2002 – Launch of GIR PaperMap © for contactless characterization of the paper surfaces

2003 – New platforms © AltiSurf 500 V2, AltiSurf©RT (for tubular parts),AltiSurf©Twin (for the paper market, steel and strapping), AltiSurf©520ME(in cooperation with the CEA Metrology of silicon technology and optical sensors and low profilometry force & rsquo; support © MicroForce)

2004Altimet Spin-off, move in the new headquarters in Thonon and the opening of an assembly plant and metrology room

2005Buy-out by ALTIMET by founder, announcement of the new platform AltiSurf © 50, launch of an international deployment (Benelux, Australia…)

2006Lifting of innovation capital funds along with OTC ASSET MANAGEMENT (FCIC), Qualifying Products OSEO Innovative Company, new platform AltiSurf © Barscanner, New Architecture © Phoenix

2007Growth technical and commercial structure, international deployment, Eligibilité au benchmarking international © PDGManufacturier

20082th fundraiser along with OTC ASSET MANAGEMENT (FCIC), Business Angels de Grenoble, Expansinvest – Banque Populaire, New Architecture © Phoenix Version 2.0

2012 Opening of production site in Montmélian, in Savoie.

2015Removal of technical sales agency of of Thonon-les-Bains in the municipality of Marin in Haute Savoie,,fr,in Marin,,fr.

2019 – Siège social à Marin.

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