Altimet is considered as the specialist in Surface Metrology, with prestigious International References.

Altimet as manufacturer, ensures the development, assembly, sales and maintenance of its range of instruments ..

Altimet is an Expert Member Standardization of the Union of Mechanics Committee whose work permit the development of the new ISO control 25178. Our new optical technology integration, by taking into account all parameters in the metrologic chain, by innovating & adaptating our standard technology, gives us a major position in our market allowing us to serve our most demanding customers in terms of research and industrial processes.

Our location in the Rhône-Alpes region puts Altimet at the heart of Micro-Mechnical, Watch and Nanotechnology Clusters.

Our new agency opened in 2015 on the French side of Lake Geneva, about 30 minutes from Geneva International Airport and the deployment of our structure with our new head office and assembly plant located in Alpespace area near Grenoble, strenghten our - presence in Europe and around the word.

Bat Ivomar

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